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Meet the CEO 

PhotograpHER / VideograpHER Duo

Director K.Shead
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JehByrd is the CEO of Byrd House she started her grind at 17 when she was working with A&R's from Def Jam for her rapping skills, but decided to graduate high school early rather than enter the music world at that time.

She then began modeling in 2005 with ripping the runway for Apple Bottoms and Baby Phat...after years of modeling Jeh decided in 2006 to branch into photography.

In 2008 Jeh began writing again and making music opening for artists like Dorrough, Webbie, Scarface, Lil Flip, and the 97.9 Car Show and concert; she was continuously featured on mixtapes nationwide. With that being said she brought on business partner K.Shead to help with finding other artists in the DFW to collab with forming Byrd House Muzik.

After expanding the Byrd House Brand to Muzik and Fotographi it was evident Byrd House had a knitch and took it to the next level with K.Shead forming an idea for Byrd House Filmz into the Byrd House umbrella.

JehByrd leads the company in Fotographi/Drone efforts.

 K.Shead, Co-CEO of Byrd House is a native of the DFW area. Born and raised in Dallas Texas, K.Shead has always had a passion for music and naturally "Capturing the Essence." What first started out as a hobby for Byrd House Muzik, K.Shead then decided to expand her role in the  Byrd House umbrella.


May 18th 2013 K.Shead had her debut as a photographer having an active role within Byrd House Fotographi. With natural progression K.Shead decided yet again to embark on a new role with being a videographer.


Her vision has literally become a reality working with the likes of Rick Ross, Trina, Jazmine Sulliven, Bay Bay, Play n' Skillz, T.I, 2Chainz, Boosie, Dorrough, Webbie, Cardi B, 97.9 The Beat and k104 Radio Stations and many other talented individuals. While blessed to have started off in a good positive position, she realizes there is much more to learn and enhance in photography and videography. K.Shead lives by God first and family over everything else.

K.Shead leads the company in all Videography efforts.

Executive Camera & Production Assistant 

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D Mike is also a native to the DFW area, he also serves as Byrd House's Executive Assistant for camera & production. He has watched CEO JehByrd develop her career from high school as a rapper/model dedicating her time and effort in creating her own business which is now known as Byrd House Fotographi/Filmz. Starting as an Onset Assistant, D’Mike began to take interest in the life behind the lens and hasn’t looked back.


In May of 2013, D’Mike was able to make a breakthrough and display his talents with the guidance and teachings from JehByrd and Director K.Shead, capturing memorable moments for artists like Erykah Badu, Trina, Beat King and others to name a few. Taking the feedback that was given and on the spot practice soon transformed D’Mike from Assistant to Executive Assistant for Byrd House. These times have taught him to continue to be very humble and always be thankful; as there is always room for growth in an ever-growing industry such as this.


Whenever he is not on set, more than likely he is with his Mom who is his heart. Continuously thanking God for all of his blessings that has been placed in front of him. This is more than a business; this is a Family!

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