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Beauties Needed for TEST shoots for Magazine Submission!!!

Project is Ongoing (for now)

“I refuse to be told what color to wear, unless it's pretty much by any fashion magazine.” -Unknown

We are looking or beauties of all shapes to submit for a fotoshoot with Byrd House Fotographi FREE.....The only requirement is that you have a BIG tattoos/multiple tattoos orrrrrr we are looking for women who aren't shy when it comes to showing skin (NO NUDITY, just IMPLIED)! Think Urban Ink and Rebel Ink b/c that's who we are submitting to (for women with tats). The other models will be submitted to various Men's Magazines (Think KING, FHM, or MAXIM) Tip: Please send 2-3 current images (DO NOT HAVE TO BE PROFESSIONAL) to <Subject "Mag Model Submission">or inbox us directly so we can see fotos on Facebook (please un-private page if it is so we can see; or make fotos you want to be seen "public").

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