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Models (Female, Male, Children, Pets, Maternity, and Couples)Needed for Fotoshoots!

Project is Ongoing (for now)

“A good model could advance fashion by 10 years.” -Unknown

Byrd House Fotographi is looking to collab with female, male, children, pets, pregnant women/Maternal shoots, and couples who "MODEL." This doesn't mean this is your first time and you want to shoot; we are looking for professionals or people that have such a unique concept or look to shoot with to add to our port and yours. If chosen by staff you will get a free fotoshoot and edits by Byrd House Fotographi and featured on the website and possibly submitted for magazines as well. GOOD LUCK we love working with new people/artists! Tip: Please send 2-3 current images of who'd we be shooting (PICS DO NOT HAVE TO BE PROFESSIONAL) to <Subject "TF Model Submission"> or inbox us directly so we can see fotos on Facebook (please un-private page if it is so we can see; or make fotos you want to be seen "public"). Also briefly explain what kind of shoot you are comfortable or looking forward to doing!

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