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Votoshoot Series CONTINUES!

Project is Ongoing (for now)

“Film provides an opportunity to marry the power of ideas with the power of images.” -Steven Bochco

The Votoshoot series is where Byrd House Combines fotographi with videography to create a stunning video to promote ones self. The series has started with Sejla and it's Hawt.....Please visit either of our YouTube pages to see the magic!).

It is when we combine the art of a photoshoot w/the visuals of a video shoot. Imagine if your photoshoot told a story via video. These videos are great for social media content and add that WOW factor to your Byrd House Fotoshoot.

Fotoshoot + V in Videoshoot = VOTOshoot! Tip: Please send 2-3 current images (DO NOT HAVE TO BE PROFESSIONAL) to <Subject "Mag Model Submission">or inbox us directly so we can see fotos on Facebook (please un-private page if it is so we can see; or make fotos you want to be seen "public").

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